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Free Fuel Oil Consumption Calculator For Ships

Fuel (Metric Tone) :

Click if you want to calculate with Corrected Density otherwise tool uses your given density

How to use fuel oil consumption calculator

With this tool, you can calculate fuel oil consumption on ships easily and free of charge.

  1. You need to take daily main engine or generators flowmeter and record it for your own use.Then, you can easily write these informations to our Previous-Day Fuel volume (litres) and Today Fuel volume (litres) sections.
  2. You have to know your fuel oil specifications maybe taken from bunker company or laboratory report. You will see Density @15 C value on the report find it and write to our Density section.
  3. Write your Fuel Tank Temperature to our Fuel Tank temperature section and thats it 🙂

Fuel Oil Consumption Calculator Method

Normally, making fuel calculations for ships is a simple process, but doing this every day is a bit boring, and sometimes we can make mistakes. This tool of our site is made to relax a little bit in your daily tasks. You can use it with confidence.

We took your last 2 day flowmeter as litres and converting it to metric cube (m3).

Then we apply this formula to find your corrected density.

Density of Fuel Oil @ 15⁰C x ( 1- (T⁰C-15⁰C) x 0.00064)

If you dont want to use corrected density you can enable it by clicking our tool’s checkbox.

Then we just multiply with Volume(we found above) and Density Factor.

Important Note

If you think there is a problem with our tool or you have ideas to improve it, please contact us. We are working hard to improve ourselves.