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Wood Roof on Shipping Container

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You must have seen many empty shipping containers around. These can generally be used as houses, extra storage space or working areas. You can give the appearance of a building by putting a roof on shipping container. This can be a metal roof or a wooden roof over container, there are materials that we find it difficult to pronounce even the name.. In this article, we will tell you about roof systems, working areas and some shipping container roof kits that may be useful for you.

In fact, shipping containers do nothing but store some things without a roof over them. Other than us, there are many people who realized that they have established companies that only produce roof systems for containers.

First of all, let’s assume that we will use a shipping container to build a house or warehouse, what material would you like your roof to be from. Metal, wood or plastic are some of the options. But many factors determine your idea while making this decision. Durability, lifetime, design, material, environment. After a brief look at these titles, let’s look at sample roof systems.

Durability lifetime

Even if you have a solid container, a flimsy roof can ruin everything. When choosing your roof, compromise on price if necessary, but not on durability. Although the durability is proportional to the material and price of the product, it is not exactly like that. In other words, you need to choose a good wood type, choose a good metal type.


It is critical that you choose roof systems that are suitable for the climatic conditions of the region you live in.


Metal Roof 

Metal roofs, which are very popular and  generally preferred because they withstand difficult weather conditions. Nobody wants their roof to collapse due to the snow load. Metal roofs, which are generally prepared with a mixture of aluminum and other metals, have a strong aesthetic appearance, but they can force you a little compared to their competitors in terms of price.

Wood Roof

By far, we see the most spectacular designs on wood-type roofs. Especially in hobby gardens or luxury shipping container homes, the wood is more durable than its competitors. Of course, if it is made of a durable tree and covered with special chemicals, it will be enough for you for a lifetime.

Plastic Roof

Plastic roofs, which have developed quite recently, are becoming widespread due to both being economical and durable. Recyclable types such as metal are available. If you want to finish the job without spending a lot of money, it can be your first choice.

Although it is often difficult to make a decision, talk to the companies that do this job and specify your wishes, they may offer you different solutions that you may not think of.


If you are not going to use it as a warehouse in your backyard, the design of your container roof is very important. We wanted to share with you some of these flamboyant roofs, which were prepared with different methods.

Some good examples of container ships we found below

roof on container marinecadet 2
roof on container marinecadet 3
roof on container marinecadet
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