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The Marine cadet site was first established to prepare articles in the maritime field. Then we realized that not only articles are not enough, but comprehensive training content needs to be prepared. Thus, we started the following services.

Marine Engineering


Courses, articles, visual content, machinery maintenance procedures, fault finding methods and many more useful resources for marine engineers.

Deck Officers


Information about solas, safety at sea, colreg, cargo handling operations and much more useful content for deck officers.

Knowledge Base


A special newsletter where we prepare interesting, curious and need-to-know information about maritime.



What to do and how to do it. Maritime procedures and related content.

Maritime News


We turn important developments in the maritime sector into news for our readers. So you can always stay up to date.

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Hello and welcome 🙂
Let's talk a little bit about the marinecadet. Our site is designed entirely for learning and sharing. There are many different professions on the maritime industry and we believe that everyone has tons of experience. By transferring our own experience and knowledge through our platform, maybe we will find solutions to other people's problems. Even more exciting, we'll find articles by other authors that will take what we've learned to the next level.

Who is the Platform for?

Persons belonging to any profession of the maritime sector
Our young friends who are preparing to enter the maritime sector
Or just people who are interested in maritime and technology
After all, who doesn't love blue? 🙂

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Of course, please contact us from [email protected]

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Can I share my knowledge and experience?

If you feel ready to share, we can't wait to see you among us. Application for authorship.

I like your site very much, how can I contribute to you?

We would love it. There are many ways to contribute to our site.
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