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Fathom Mystery: Depth, Length & Feet Explained with Units

By: Marine Cadet | Last updated: Fri Jan 26 2024

Depth, Length & Feet Explained with Units

In this article we have prepared a research about fathom related questions. Before diving into topic, let’s understand where comes fathom name.

What is a Fathom ?

The Fathom name is coming from the old english word fæðəm , meaning a pair of outstretched arms. Actually same word is used by other languages as well. For example, Danish says “favn” or German says “fadum”.

Why is a fathom 6 feet ?

We are not sure, but we can say that the most likely scenario is to make it easier for sailors to measure sounding.

Why is 6 feet called a fathom ?

While sounding is being taken, an iron piece attached to a rope is thrown into the water or the tank. Then, when it touches the bottom of the water, the rope begins to pull. The wetted part of the rope is considered the water depth. In this scenario, we know that in old times, units of measurement were not as precise and common as they are today. In other words, they have formed a unit of measurement by keeping both arms opposite and taut each time they pull the rope.

Of course, everyone’s arm length is different, so it may vary from person to person in fathom. In order to prevent this, United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa agreed in 1959 and decided on 1.8288 meters.

We recommend further research for you to choose which exact value for fathom. Because it depends on years and ship specific condition.

How deep is a fathom

1 fathom equals to:

  1. 1.8288 meters exactly (It is a Official definition of the fathom)
  2. 1.828804 meters (according to the US Survey Foot)
  3. 2 yards (1 yard = 1⁄2 fathom)
  4. 6 feet (1 foot = 1⁄6 fathom)
  5. 18 hands
  6. 72 inches
  7. 1 metre is around 0.5468 fathoms

Frequently asked Questions for Fathom

What is a Fathom ?

A fathom is a type of unit to measure especially for the depth of water or ocean. Fathom is not an International Standart unit. It is generally used on maritime for telling the depth of water. With a simple calculation, 1 fathom equals to 6 feet or 1 fathom equals to 1.8288 meters in the United States customary.

How deep is a Fathom ?

You can convert fathom easily other units. Fathom equals to 6 feet or 1.83meters.

How many feet in a Fathom

In short, 1 fathom is equal to 6 feet.

How deep is a Fathom in feet

Fathom is equal to 6 (six) feet.

How deep is a Fathom in the ocean

Fathom is unit for determining depth of water. 1 Fathom equals to 6 feet or 1.83m.

How deep is 100 Fathoms

1 fathom equals to 6 feet or 1.83. So you can find it with the multplying. 100 fathoms equals to 600 feet or 1.83meters