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Marine Cadet

Most Common Types of Ships?

By: Marine Cadet | Last updated: Sun Jan 08 2023

Ship types are designed and used in different ways according to their functions and purposes. These include many different types of ships such as passenger ships, tanker ships, container ships, chemical ships, bulk carriers, fishing ships, warships and multipurpose ships.

In this article, these types of ships will be briefly mentioned in order to understand the ship types. More detailed information is given in the link below titles.

Passenger / Cruise Ships

Embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure aboard passenger ships, vessels meticulously designed for transporting people with accommodations, amenities, and entertainment. Whether you’re on a luxurious cruise liner or an efficient ferry, these ships cater to diverse travel needs, offering a floating experience on waterways worldwide. Picture the excitement of sunny decks, delightful meals with ocean views, and an exploration of the engineering marvels ensuring a smooth journey. Cruise ships, floating wonderlands of fun, showcase technical brilliance that goes beyond mere show—they are the epitome of luxury and innovation. Join us on this unforgettable voyage where every detail, from passenger ship engineering to gourmet dining, contributes to the magic of exploration, creating a unique blend of relaxation and thrill on the open sea.

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Tanker Ships

This vessel is designed to carry liquids such as oil, gas and chemicals. In turn, it has large storage tanks that can hold large quantities of liquids.


These ships are designed for military use, such as defence or attack. As a result, they contain weapons systems and other military equipment.


These are ships designed to carry passengers and vehicles.

Fishing Vessels

These vessels are used for commercial fishing. In return, they are equipped with specialised equipment such as nets, fishing rods and traps.

Research Ships

These ships are specially built for scientific research. Therefore, these ships have laboratories and scientific equipment.

Ice Breakers

It is a ship specially designed to navigate in ice-covered waters.

Drilling Rigs

These vessels are equipped with drilling equipment to extract oil and natural gas from the ocean floor.

Offshore Supply Vessels

Vessels used to transport supplies and personnel to oil and gas platforms.


These vessels are used to transport cargo. In turn, it is a flat-bottomed vessel pushed or towed by tugboats.

Container Ships

Container ships are maritime transport vessels that carry cargo as containers. Therefore, these ships have special systems for loading and unloading containers. Container ships provide fast and safe transport of cargoes and reduce transport costs. In addition, the standard sizes of containers facilitate the transport of cargo to ports.

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Chemical Vessels

Chemical ships are ships designed to carry liquid chemicals. These ships are built with various compartments and tanks equipped to carry various chemicals. This ensures the safe and efficient transport of these materials. As a result, ethanol, methanol, various acids and alkalis can be given as examples of chemicals commonly transported on chemical ships.

Bulk Cargo Ships

Bulk cargo ships are specially designed to carry unpackaged bulk cargoes such as coal, grain and other raw materials. They therefore have large cargo holds that can be quickly loaded and unloaded using conveyor belts or cranes. Bulk carriers are typically larger than other cargo ships. Some bulk carriers are equipped with self-unloading systems that allow them to unload their cargo without the need for port facilities.